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Power Plant Condenser Problem Analysis | Intek, Inc.Condenser Problem Analysis. Intek has established itself as a leader in solving condenser-related problems and improving condenser performance. Since 1994, Intek has been the leading source of new information on condenser dynamics, which has been made possible with the RheoVac instrument.

Condenser (laboratory) - WikipediaA condenser is an apparatus or item of equipment used to condense (change the physical state of a substance from its gaseous to its liquid state). In the laboratory, condensers are generally used in procedures involving organic liquids brought into the gaseous state through heating, with or without lowering the pressure (applying vacuum)—though applications in inorganic and other chemistry ...

Condensers | Sigma-Aldrich*Note: Do not use tandem mounted water-cooled Airflux units to condense solvents boiling over 100 °C. The lower unit works at a temperature close to the boiling point of the solvent at high reflux rates.

WATER-COOLED CONDENSER COIL - The ASHI ReporterWATER-COOLED CONDENSER COIL. Function. In a water-cooled air conditioner, the heat in the refrigerant that has been collected from the house is not discharged into the air outside, but is discharged into water. This water may be from the city supply, from a river, lake, stream or well.

Cleaning U-Tube Heat ExchangersCleaning U-tube heat exchangers can be difficult business. The main source of complication is the design, which incorporates 180 degree bends into the tubes. The bend of the tubes make it difficult for traditional tube cleaning methods to work effectively.

Common AC Condenser Problems - YouTubeCommon AC Condenser Problems Jane Oliver. Loading... Unsubscribe from Jane Oliver? ... 2000 Silverado AC Condenser & Radiator, Receiver Dryer, and Orifice Tube - Duration: 33:09.

Proper Maintenance Practices Involving Condenser Cleaning and ...1.2 Predictable maintenance problems 1.2.1 Fouling of the tube surfaces. Almost every condenser experiences some kind of tube or tubesheet fouling, Most condenser circulating water sources contain dissolved solids that can precipitate and become deposited on the inner surfaces of the tubes, so adversely affecting the unit heat rate and/or limiting

Condenser (apparatus) - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...A condenser is a device used in the laboratory to cool hot gases into liquids. It is usually a long, circular glass tube. Inside the tube there is another, smaller tube. The hot gas goes through the smaller, inside tube, while in the outside one cold water goes around. Water can be put in from the tap, and goes from the bottom to exit at the top.

Taming Condenser Tube Leaks, Part I - powermag.comOnline sodium analyzers on feedwater may also be an excellent method for catching a condenser tube leak early, before it has a chance to contaminate the steam or cause boiler chemistry problems.

Steam Generator Chemistry and Turbine/Condenser Efficiency ...Steam turbine and surface condenser performance is just as important as ever, and is intimately tied in with chemistry control on both the steam side and cooling water side. In this article, we ...

Fouling of Cooling Water Tubes in a Condenser | GLM HydroOften the cooling water has a hardness to it that will result in a layer of fouling on the condenser tube wall over the years. I also have seen cooling water tubes fouled severely by algae's in the water. It all depends on the velocity through the tubes-, quality-, temperatures- of your cooling water.

How does a condenser work in chemistry/science? - QuoraA condenser is a device (tube) which allows a vapour to pass through a confined space and be cooled by a surrounding cooler fluid. An air condenser is simply a naked tube where the cooler fluid is the surrounding air.

Chemical Tube Cleaning Services - Projectile Tube Cleaning ...In some situations mechanical tube cleaning of condensers and heat exchangers cannot be used and for these situations Projectile Tube Cleaning offers its chemical cleaning services.

How to Troubleshoot a Condenser - YouTubeIn this demo, the compressor or condenser fan motor was not on but it was calling for cooling. Get out your multi meter and start taking some reading. Start with high voltage at the contactor then ...

Plymouth Tube Company - Stainless Steel Feedwater and ...heaters is to invest the money into replacing leaking condenser tubing or solving other water chemistry problems. AL6XN® and alloy 800 are high performance austenitic stainless steels originally developed for their corrosion and high temperature applications. The two alloys contain higher nickel that

Condenser Tube Failure Mechanisms - powermag.comThe operating environment within a condenser is extremely harsh, and in spite of the designer's best intentions, sometimes tubes made of the best materials fail. The most important tube failure ...

WATER CHEMISTRY REVIEW - eecpowerindia.comExplain problems in power plant chemistry areas ... List out causes for chemistry excursions and undertake ... Online Condenser Tube Cleaning Systems .

Condenser Tubes - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics26.4 Condenser temperature choices. The purpose of the glass tube condenser is to condense virtually all the input gas's H 2 SO 4 (g) as sulfuric acid during the gas's passage up the glass condenser tubes. The next four subsections describe condenser temperatures chosen to achieve this purpose. 26.4.1 Input process gas temperature

Key Condenser Failure Mechanisms - Power EngineeringEight practical lessons highlight troublesome condenser tube corrosion issues. ... as a refresher on how impurities can affect boiler water chemistry. ... the condenser performance problems ...

Reflux Problems in Distillation - LinkedInA tower overhead system consists of a condenser, reflux drum, and reflux pump. The condenser, in particular, is subject to a variety of problems. A typical installation of a hot vapor bypass ...

CONDENSERS - ThermopediaCondensation on the tube-side is preferred when the coolant is a gas, such as air. It may also be preferred if the condensing fluid is at a higher pressure than the coolant, since it is usually less expensive to contain a higher pressure inside tubes than inside a shell. An air-cooled condenser is typical of a tube-side condenser.

Condenser Tube Life-Cycle Economics - plymouth.comCondenser Tube Life-Cycle Economics There are literally miles and miles of tubing in every power plant that will operate very reliably for many years. However, much of that tubing will spend much of its life in the most demanding of high-pressure and high-

Water-Cooled Condensers | HVAC TroubleshootingWater is piped through the inner tube. Refrigerant is piped through the tube that encloses the inner tube. The refrigerant flows in the opposite direction than the water (see Fig. 8-6). This type of coaxial water-cooled condenser is designed for use with refrigeration and air-conditioning condensing units where space is limited.

Choose the Correct Condenser | Chemical ProcessingOnce separated, the partially condensed vapor no longer may have enough heavy material present to continue condensing. This causes problems with both shell-side and tube-side condensing in multiple tube passes. All solutions to this require some combination of one-pass tube-side condensing or higher pressure drops on the shell side. Unit cost.

Laboratory Condensers Selection Guide | Engineering360It includes a straight, inner tube with a corresponding outer tube surrounding it. The outer tube possesses ports permitting the inflow and outflow of substances. The two tubes are sealed at both ends. The elevated heat capacity of the circulating water helps maintain constant temperature within the component.

Boiler Waterwall Tubes and Condenser Tube Leakage in Power PlantsTube failures are a cause of concern in boiler outage, contaminating boiler feed water due to condenser leakage leads to a large amount of damage. Condensers using brackish water for cooling in high pressure boilers will have to be maintained well to avoid any leakage of condenser tubes.

Steam Distillation - Condensate not going through condenserThere's condensation through the claisen adapter and into the distillation adapter, but for some reason, the condensation won't fall slide down into the condenser tube. The boiler flask has been at a roaring boil for several hours, the water going through the condenser tube is hooked up properly and ice cold, and the receiving flask is sitting ...

Questions on Condenser Problems Answered - ASAPCondenser problems will affect heating and cooling. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding condenser repair and problems. What can be done if a newly installed condenser fan runs but there is no cold air and has stopped working properly? Turn on the unit, set to it COLD and turn the thermostat down.

Aspects of Failure of Condenser tubes and their Remedial ..."Aspects of Failure of Condenser tubes and their Remedial Measures at Power Plants" Ashwini K. Sinha AGM (NETRA), NTPC Limited Abstract The demands placed on the condensers of utility generating units are significant. Functionally, a condenser must condense several million pounds/kilograms per hour of wet steam at low

experimental chemistry - Choosing the right condenser ...In a Graham-type condenser (the right condenser in the picture below), the water flows around a tube (whether straight or coiled) that contains the vapor/condensed liquid.(picture source) The Graham-type condensers clog (or flood) more easily since they have a more restricted path for the liquid to return to the pot.

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