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2008 Saturn Astra AC Compressor - 2CarProsThe compressor failed in June 2013. I purchased an AC Delco compressor and receiver/drier from Rock Auto, which I had my usual mechanic install. I also purchased the expansion valve but the replacement was different than the original so that was not replaced. They flushed the system and cleaned the condenser. That was 6/20/13.

2008 Saturn Astra with no AC - Car Talk CommunityHi people. My fiance's 2008 Saturn Astra no longer has AC. The compressor does nothing when AC is enabled. You can hear the engine bog slightly when the button is pressed so /SOMETHING/ is happening, but the compressor never budges. My first instinct was to check the freon so I picked up a kit to recharge the system.

GM Astra TS - AH. Air Conditioning Compressor FailureC-A-R Compressors Australia. Imformation Video about why the TS - AH Astra Compressors have a high failure rate and what to know, if you own one of these popular vehicles, with an Air Conditioning ...

Holden TS Astra Air Conditioning Condenser 1998-2001 | eBayModel:TS Astra 1998-2001. New quality condenser. where it is made, and. Always ask Buy smart! have over 500 different models of radiators and condensers. have been importing for over 20 years.

Bad Car AC Condenser Symptoms and Replacement Cost ...AC Condenser Replacement Cost. The cost of replacing an AC condenser is dependent on the type of vehicle that you have. On average, it should cost you between $600 and $700 to replace the condenser in most standard vehicles. However, you have to factor in the labor costs as well which will typically be between $200 and $300.

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Vauxhall condensers from Advanced Radiators - at Advanced Radiators we stock a wide selection of Vauxhall condensers for all makes and models. Visit us today and find the right condensers for your Vauxhall at a fantastic price.

Troubleshoot your central air conditioning condenser problem ...If your central air conditioning condenser problem is that the condenser fan motor won't run, first, push on the blade, and see if the motor will even turn. If it won't, it's seized, and must be replaced. If it isn't seized, check the control voltage on the relay that controls it.

CONDENSER AND FITTINGS OPEL ASTRA-H - 7zapparts groups [opel astra-h] parts groups [opel astra-h] body interior fittings [heater, air conditioning and ventilation] body interior fittings [heater, air conditioning and ventilation] condenser and fittings; condenser and fittings

2008 Saturn Astra A/C Condensers & Components - carid.comSaturn Astra Automatic Transmission 2008, A/C Condenser by TYC®. With Receiver Drier. Includes Receiver, Drier. When your condenser is leaking, restricted, or otherwise damaged, you know you need to get a new one right away.

Buy Ac condenser (air con condenser) for OPEL Astra G Saloon ...Ac condenser (air con condenser) for OPEL ASTRA G Saloon (F69_) 2002 inexpensively available at our online store. We offer a huge range of all kinds of Astra G Saloon (T98, F69) Air con condenser, car accessories and car spare parts

Vauxhall Workshop Manuals > Astra J > HVAC > Heating ...Astra J > Vauxhall Workshop Manuals > HVAC > Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning > Repair Instructions > Air Conditioning Compressor and Condenser Hose Replacement - 2.0L Diesel LBS

ASTRA J CONDENSATION IN FRONT AND REAR LIGHTS!Wanting some of advise got astra J 2012 and happened to noticed this morning that the front corners of the headlights have condensation in them at both sides. Also walked round the back of the car and the rear reverse bit of the light on the boot lid also has condensation in on both sides, first time I've noticed it.

Car A/C Condensers for Vauxhall Astra for sale | eBay<p>Vauxhall Astra J 1.7 Cdti (2011) AC Air Conditioning Radiator Condenser 13267649. Condition is Used. Dispatched with eBay delivery – Shutl 2-3 days. Genuine, it has some scratches and some dents still in good working order</p>

Handling Central Air Conditioning Condenser ProblemsIf your central air conditioning condenser problem is that the compressor and condenser fan won't run, first check the thermostat and be sure it's turned on to cool, and that the temperature setting is below the room temperature indicated on the thermostat. If the thermostat is correctly set to ...

Vauxhall Astra Condensers Parts | Astra Condenserscondenser air con radiator vauxhall opel astra iv j 2,0 cdti 2009-2015 23333680 GENUINE OE SPEC NEW VAUXHALL ASTRA H MK5 1.3 1.7 1.9 CDTI AIR CON RAD CONDENSER Condenser To Fit Vauxhall Astra MK 5 1.9 CDTI Still In Box.

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Air conditioner, AC compressor, condenser, pressure senders ...Buy Air conditioner, AC compressor, condenser, pressure senders, hose, temperature switch, expansion valve, evaporator & dryer at premium quality with 30% LOWER PRICE and FAST delivery.

Top 7 Causes of Air Conditioner Problems and How to Prevent ThemDon't leave your summer comfort to chance! Learn about the most common causes of air conditioner problems and the easy steps you can take to prevent repair issues. Top 7 causes of air conditioner problems: 1. Low refrigerant.

MAP Sensor: Basic Function, Failure Symptoms and Replacement ...Here we will describe and discuss the manifold absolute pressure sensor of the engine. This part is commonly referred to as the MAP sensor. So the article below will explain about the MAP sensor function, working principle and the symptoms you can look out for if it were to go bad.

Holden Astra 2002 Air Con Issue. - HoldenHi I own a Holden Astra 2002 CD car. Its A/C is not working suddenly, I took it to Ultra tune, they said I need to change the compressor which will cost me from $700 to $800. My girlfriend had a 2002 Astra which also had its aircon die. I doubt very much it's actually your compressor that has died.

Holden Astra Air Conditioning Problem :: Antarctic Vehicle ...Holden Astra Air Conditioning Problem. Do you have a Holden Astra and the air conditioning has suddenly stopped blowing cold air? Then most likely the compressor clutch coil has failed. It is a common problem with Holden Astra air conditioning.

Power Plant Condenser Problem Analysis | Intek, Inc.Condenser Problem Analysis. Intek has established itself as a leader in solving condenser-related problems and improving condenser performance. Since 1994, Intek has been the leading source of new information on condenser dynamics, which has been made possible with the RheoVac instrument.

Vauxhall Astra Air Conditioning Pump - PartsGatewayLooking for a replacement Vauxhall Astra Air Conditioning Pump? At PartsGateway, we find genuine A/C Pumps for the Vauxhall Astra of all ages and car body types. With access to 1000's of Vauxhall Astra parts in stock at any one time, our network of Vauxhall parts specialists will aim to beat your local Vauxhall Astra main dealer prices.

Astra H SRi Air Con problem? - Page 1 - VX - PistonHeadsHello everyone, glad to be here & I really truly hope someone can help me because this is driving me mad.. I bought a 2005 astra h sri a couple of weeks a go, tested aircon when I bought it ...

How to Replace an AC Condenser Fan Motor - Share Your RepairHow to Replace an AC Condenser Fan Motor Step 1: Disconnect the AC Condenser power. First of all I want to warn you that you must be very careful when working on AC Condensers as there is 220 V AC power connected to them and you could kill yourself or in the least scare the crap out of yourself if you got shocked.

Condenser fan problems - AC Auto Repair Help ForumThe refrigerant has to be recovered and the condenser removed with the fan so if you don't have a recovery machine, you'd better start looking for a shop that does. We offer help in answering questions, clarifying things or giving advice but we are not a substitute for an on-site inspection by a professional.

Vauxhall Astra H - Air con condenser | Technical matters ...Vauxhall Astra H - Air con condenser - elekie&a/c doctor : The bottom rail of the condensor is just part of the support framework and is not under pressure.However I would not be surprised if the condensor has a leak.The last few I have seen have all shown evidence of corrosion in the bottom right hand corner (as viewed from front of car).One vehicle was an 07 plate,so just over 4 years old ...

Vauxhall Astra Cooling Fan Problems + Air Con ... - Yahoo ...Vauxhall Astra Cooling Fan Problems + Air Con? I was in a collision that resulted in both the radiator and air con condenser needing replacing.. I got a new rad and replaced it but decided not to re-fit or replace the air con rad. So new setup is the main rad + original cooling fan but removed pipes from (non functioning) air con compressor...

Signs & Symptoms of a Clogged Automotive Air Conditioning SystemThe automotive air conditioning system consists of several components, including a compressor, evaporator, condenser, expansion valve, orifice and receiver-drier. Any one of the components can fail, or several can be affected by the same problem, such as leaks or blockages.

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