About us

Shanghai Batflying technology Co., Ltd. is one of the largest refrigeration equipment company in China, which owns full range of air cooler series including Water-cooled Chiller, industrial air coolers and cold storage, The company was founded in 2009.

BatfyPrinting has been engaged in advertising industry for 10+ years. Around the globe, we provide a wide range product of printing media, large format printer, display stand and other accessories. BatfyPrinting is committed to supply the global market consistent quality products at most competitive prices and professional service.

We are a high-tech enterprise specializing in new types of energy saving and environment protecting evaporative air cooler, To provide Air cooling Solutions and that are best in class technology integrating the professional competencies and methodologies thereby winning the confidence of our Clients.

Our aim is to be your faithful and reliable partner in your business. Batfyprinting means diversified products, stable quality, fast response and perfect ordering experience. Batfyprinting is your reliable partner for sign material and medial.
Our diverse products include: Flex banner, Self-adhesive Vinyl, Decorative Vinyl, Inkjet Textiles, PVC Foam Sheet, Acrylic sheet

Our foundation for the future is our continued success in delivering our brand and products to the world. Contact us any time, any place for any products you are interested in.