What Are The Advantages Of UV Flatbed Printer Printing Wood?

The current world of color printing UV flatbed printer not only solves the serious embarrassment of enterprise homogenization, but also solves the problem of energy saving and environmental protection.

Color printing UV flatbed printer can not only print high imitation wood grain effect on ordinary wood board and MDF board, but also print varnish and relief effect. The UV flatbed printer prints, prints, and prints in full color. It is a non-contact inject printer. As long as the printed object is flat, it can print. UV printers have virtually no restrictions on materials.

The universal printer can print the desired color and some pattern effects on the wooden board. The printed color will not fade, and the adhesion is quite firm. At present, some people use the color-printing UV universal printer to print the varnish effect. Save time and labor, and at the same time, the style is beautiful and novel, and the price is good.

UV printer printing products are very simple, find the pattern to be printed, put the pattern on the computer to process, and finally control printing through Hansen printing software, after printing it is finished. The cost of printing such a machine on a wooden board is also very low, about RMB 5 per square. This has prompted processors that have already used UV printers to take advantage of quality models.

At the same time, UV flatbed printers can not only print wood, but also print glass, ceramics, handicrafts, furniture, metal plates, leather, PVC, etc., bringing good news to all walks of life, opening up a unique personalized market in the decoration industry.